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Salon Etiquette

For optimal results and efficiency here are some tips to keep in mind before your appointment:


1. Come with day old hair. Dirty hair is important because the cuticle is already open allowing chemical services to have better end results.

2. If you have extremely curly hair, please try to smooth it out with either a round brush or blow dryer prior to your appointment.

3. Please avoid wearing your best outfit. Although we try to practice cleanliness, it's hard to avoid possible color and/or bleach stains in the process.

4. Bring one to three photo references to show what look you're inspired by. This will ensure you and your stylist are clear on what the finished result should be. Showing more than three photos may cause miscommunications.


Typically, arriving 15 minutes past your appointment is too late because we work in 15-minute intervals at the salon. Keep in mind if you are running late, it causes the salon to run behind schedule for the rest of the day.

If you are running 15 minutes late, please give the salon a courtesy call. Depending on how late you are, rescheduling may be an option.

If you are running 30 minutes late, it will be very hard to achieve your desirable end result. It will be best to reschedule your appointment for a later date. A long delay makes things worse for each customer who follows, and that’s unfair to clients who arrive on time.


Salon Experience

1. In consideration of other clients, please turn cell phone ringers to a lower setting or vibrate.

2. We welcomes all families. However, children under age 13 MUST NOT be left unattended in any area of the salon. If you need to bring your child with you to your appointment, please bring a quiet activity for them to work on during your visit. Many of our guests use this time as an escape from their daily life to enjoy peaceful relaxation.

We recommend clients to not bring children under age six for visits lasting more than 30 minutes. It can be difficult to expect younger children to remain quiet and patient for longer periods of time. If you must do so, please be aware and courteous of other salon guests.

3. Children should not climb, stand, or play on any salon equipment including chairs, benches, sinks, etc. They should not spin or pump hydraulic equipment. For their own safety, children should always walk, not run through the salon. Parents will be charged the full price of repairing or replacing any damaged equipment resulting from misuse by their children. 

Please remember that our stylists are using very sharp scissors, clippers and other tools, as well as chemicals than can be damaging to the skin and eyes. If your child is disturbing other clients, stylists, or not acting appropriately while at the salon, you may be asked to reschedule.

4. The salon experience is different for everybody. Some prefer to just take the time for themselves and not chat. Others may prefer to chat a little more.

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